Stacking with your smartphone. It’s easy with Xverse Wallet

I assume you have STX and your Xverse Wallet is set up and ready. If not you can check out my quick tutorial video. Now you are ready to delegate your tokens to earn Bitcoin.

This secure participation is called Stacking. You need at least 500 STX to start.

  1. Click on „Stack and earn Bitcoin” tab. Here you can see estimated yield, time in which next cycle registration closes and a pool fee.

A single cycle lasts for 2,100 blocks, or about two weeks. STX can be locked for at most 12 reward cycles.

If everything is clear you can click on CONTINUE button.

2. Next screen shows the balance and the amount of STX tokens you want to lock. There is a BTC address as well. Xverse Wallet address is set as default. It is where you will receive BTC from Stacking.

Cost of joining the pool is determined by the pool provider. Common fees for pool providers average 8–10% of the total rewards.

4. Then you have to confirm the lock of your funds. You can always check transactions Stacks Explorer. It helps if you want to know whether the pool admin has delegated your STX.

Once locked, the STX remain locked until the end of the locking period.

Remember that you are not losing rewards if you revoke delegation. Revoking delegation does not affect the current state and only affects stacking in future cycles.

If you are ready for change — learn how to become a STX Holder. There is a community called Freehold that can help you. Visit and check what you are missing.

== Marek




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Marek Leszek Slawinski

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